Agh! and hair-pulling ensues

Have you ever tried to title a book? Some of you, yes, I know you're out there. How did you settle?

Probably you're less wishy-washy than me.

Today I'm waffling, flapping all over, seeking to be certain I've found the best title for my book. Even though I know it could well be changed later on by someone in publishing land. Still, I need one to work with.

This reminds me of the week or so before Victoria's birth. We had a girl's name decided, and then I'm like, no, maybe Andrea. Or wait, maybe... My wussy side accelerated.

Good and Desperate. That's the choice I made eons ago, it seems. I continue to like it. But it requires a subtitle. Here is where I go bananas.

I want the word mercy. I want a reference to being a prodigal. And, did you know, prodigal means extravagant (on the positive side) and wasteful (at the negative end)? It refers more to monetary resources than to ditching your responsibilities which, I think, we assume it means when we hear it nowadays. But, considering the original definition, I like prodigal more and more as a compliment to mercy.

I've been shown, throughout my life, prodigal mercy.

And did you know, there are liturgical, lectionary readings mentioning this very phrase?

Kinda interesting.

Doesn't help a whole lot at the moment. Tim is offering his assistance. He'd like, of course, to see this book sell many copies. He's reminding me that in the book I mention how he dismembers trees near transmitter sites, and once he badly cut his knee doing so, and that a title should intrigue people, so they'll purchase the book. So here's Tim's idea:

Secretly Evil: A Bloody Chainsaw Story


Patti said…
I can honestly say that I have never tried to title a book and it is unlikely that I ever will. Tim's title would indeed probably help sell a lot of books.:-)
Kalitsu said…
"Prodigal Mercy Happens"

Though I have to agree - I love Tim's tantalizingly phrased suggestion!

I know it'll be good, whatever it is. And can't wait to buy my copy and have you sign it!
Sandy's Notes said…
Tim's a real funny guy!
Teal said…
*snort* Tim's suggestion is silly.

I like the concept of prodigal mercies.

I can't tell if you are actually asking for suggestions, (if not, stop reading now!), but what about something like
"Good and Desperate, on the receiving end of Prodigal mercy" ?! you can probably make that cooler....
Deanna said…
Patti, you never know if you'll author a book on geneology...:o)

Kalitsu, thanks for your input. I was just reading your posts this morning, about your kitties and the many

Sandy, he's rarely at a loss for a wacky take on life; never boring around here.

Teal, thank you for working on this, too! It'll come together, somewhere along those lines, I think.

Tim has appreciated my updates on what people think of his title. Of course if I used it someone would sue me for not delivering as advertised!
Angela said…
um, in my (limited) experience, i wouldn't sweat the title. once you send it out for publishing, when it gets picked up (yay!) your publishers are going to have some very strong ideas of what will make that little baby you've cried blood over, sell, and it will be a compromise between what you like and what they want.
that said, i shouldn't be such a cynic because i LOVE naming my stuff. i usually name things after lyrics from songs i adore or from a line of poetry or prose i love.
have fun!
Ruth said…
Ha, ha. That's why YOU are the writer and not Tim!

Hope to hear another chapter of your book at critique soon!
Deanna said…
Yes, Angela, I like your artistic way of choosing titles. You are my down-to-earth example of a true artist (spoken with French accent, or something similarly artsy).

Ruth, this is true, but Tim contributes greatly to my writing style (whatever it is).

I miss you ladies at critique; I'd love to hear if you've had time to work on more than your website.
Anonymous said…
Tim's title is so "Tim-like."
Your choice of words is unique, perhaps when your book is published you will have coined a new "buzz word."

Deanna said…
Hee, hee, Mom. You're a clever one. :o)
Cecily said…
Deanna... 10 comments! You've hit the jack pot lady!!! (I find revealing deep pain another good way of getting comments)

oh, oh.. that's right.. I'm supposed to comment on this post! I quite liked teal's suggestion there... and tim's? Well what can I say?!