But it keeps me out of trouble

Feel free not to subject yourself to another of my posts featuring: a)look how much I want to be able to write stuff, and b) look how much I go through to try and be able to write stuff. Go read any of the bloggers listed on my sidebar. They're funnier, funner, and some are less driven at the moment to drive others to distraction.

Lately my husband, Tim, works hard (as always) at his engineering stuff, takes me to movies made from books I've read, listens to me read aloud my manuscript that depicts our marriage and himself, not always in the loveliest light. Yep. He's a good one.

My son practices driving (when I mentioned I'm a driven person I wasn't joking), rehearses for two plays in which he's acting, does gobs of other schoolwork, keeps a busy social schedule, and will graduate in June (yes, for those who read that he might wait till next year, the plan has returned to his original graduation date, and it's a good thing).

Victoria, my dear daughter, will graduate from college on Friday the 13th of June. Anyone who knows her recognizes this is an appropriate date for her and her classmates. To have made it this far, those Gutenberg seniors are not to be daunted by what some consider ill luck.

Victoria, by the way, is working on a senior thesis. Before graduation, she'll need to present and defend it. I can't wait to read that piece of intellectual writing by my little girl. (Sniff.)

So, I am actually having a fun week, but I tend to forget it while knee-deep in preparing my book proposal. This is the business part of the job I wish to get to continue with. An editor won't initially want to read my complete manuscript - he or she wants me to sell the idea, the concept (accompanied by a sample of good writing). I also need to convince these behind-the-scenes book developers that I can market myself. I'd rather not have to sell me to the world. But I've always known it would be part of the deal.

I'm back to 4:30 mornings, so I can get this done. I really do enjoy early arisings, since at that time I usually unearth the other half of my brain, and often I discover creative expressions as well. Even for something stodgy and required, like a proposal.

And genuine fun was had Monday night, when Dorcas spoke to my writing class, giving us lots of encouragement, and just being a person. If I ever get to speak to gatherings about a book I've written, I'd like to just be real, too.

Travelin' Nan wrote more about Dorcas.


Cherie said…
Ha! You do like we do, graduate them in bunches. Joe graduated high school the same year Ben graduated college. One BIG party! So fun. Congrats to the kids! And you, well you just keep on keepin' on.
Deanna said…
Nice to know we're not alone, Cherie. Yes, quite a party; we'll see what happens.
travelin' nan said…
Didn't Victoria just graduate from high school?
Deanna said…
Hi, Nan. That's what I thought, too.
Pam said…
Nice to see the pics of your kids, Deanna! A busy bunch you are... and STILL you find (make?) time for the book and the necessary proposals. I have a feeling you will be as real as they come when you get to speak to gatherings about your book(s) because they are being born in the midst of the real busy-ness of life!
Cecily said…
This wasn't a boring "I want to write post" at all! It was a fabulous "This is my life" snapshot! Thanks heaps Deanna. All the best with your proposal.

I've just worked my way down my whole list of blogs I read and commented everywhere... because you are at the end of my list (because I am a little anal and into alphabetical order) I'm growing weary... next time I shall start with you and work up I think!
Deanna said…
Pam, thanks very much. I'm turning into someone who can't do evening events during the week, but other than that my schedule's working for now.

Cecily, my compulsion at times is also to read everybody's blog. And then I can't help commenting, and then I'm worn out!