In this low

Music I love. Lyrics: The moon is aching; my heart is blue.

An emailed response from an agent I respect: Thanks very much for letting me see this, Deanna. I think I'll say "no thanks," but I'll encourage you to continue exploring your possibilities. Some of the writing is very nice.

Husband stretched the couch's length, watching Cops. Nestled on his back like a soft-furred kitten, I breathe scents of outdoors: sun warmed woodpile; the yard stretching as if a child beneath blankets awakens; weeds tugged from matted mud by the house corner.

Whiffs also of the attic where husband lifted and dragged and carried boxes: a daughter's stuffed panda, velveteen rabbit, alongside dishes china perfected for future evenings at tables where laughter and talk will accompany wine poured, music imbibed.

Sunk low earlier today, I donned magic shoes and trotted to more favorite tunes. Life is real, I thought. I get to keep doing this. Some of the writing is very nice, after all.


Sandy's Notes said…
I heard that writers end up the strongest at heart. They get rejected more than any of us prefer in a lifetime.

I feel for you. I believe in you!
Angela said…
it's not fair at all that artists are the "sensitive ones" and then on top of it, have to endure all this rejection.
you're in the best of company. every author has these stories, hey? still, sorry for the ache.
Deanna said…
Sandy and Angela, you help so much. I think I'm doing better with this than after many other rejections, simply because I could express myself clumsily, yet feelingly, on the blog. Thanks, everyone who reads and knows the lows, for the company.
Mike S said…
Tried for ages to get ANYTHING accepted. Finally sent in a letter to the editor of the Japan Times and ended up with a column writing gig I'd never asked for. Great part-time fun! Keep plugging. Always had a file cabinet with 1 drawer for submissions pending and 4 to hold the rejection slips.
Cecily said…
Oh Deanna, what a bummer! I know they try and soften the blow with nice words, but still... But I agree, it's nice they thought some of your writing was nice! Sigh. Go the magic dancing shoes I say. (And we all love you!)
Deanna said…
Good for you, Mike! Yep, I have the large rejection file - it was a hit at my writing class. This comes with the territory, but it never feels good. :o(

Thanks, Cecily, for being here, though I guess you're there...well, you know what I mean.