Every time's got a first thing

You know how last weekend we had summer?

This morning, it was a good thing Tim cut the lawn yesterday, because like he said the mower might get a bit clogged in snow.At least he sawed more wood and kept this going.
I'm fresh out of weather predictions for this year.


Patti said…
That is amazing. Sam told me that he'd been told it never snows there, but you could fool me with the multitudes of reports of the cold stuff.
thebookbaglady said…
All of the weather is crazy-making around here!
Thanks for finding my blog! :-) It's been fun!
Deanna said…
Patti, we have had a winter and then some. Are you finished with snow there?

Book B. Lady, yes crazy weather. Yes blogging's fun, if you can stay sane doing it. I'm not sure I have. ;o) Thanks for stopping by here, too.