Are you smarter than a homeschooler?

This video contains at least a couple of inside jokes. It was made by homeschoolers as an assignment for a class called Media and Culture. A certain local philosopher inspired my son's character.

Katie plays the host. Her mom has a great name and also blogs.

(I like the commercial! The rest is good, too!)

*Update: now Katie's mom has posted the blooper reel.*


Deanna said…
This was so fun for the kids to make! Ahhh, yes, Kate B. played the shy un-socialized home-schooler well didn't she?
Deanna said…
Yeah, Deanna, this is great. I like that the kids could have fun with their own stereotypes. I also forgot to mention that your daughter, Katie, is the host, and now I don't know how to edit this post-type. Oh, well.