Before I go answer an email from my brother

Lots of cute, quirky, and informative emails alight in my box most days. How fortunate I feel to receive missives so magically. One blogger sends daily quotes and some awesome photos (this person asked my permission before adding me to their list). A friend from north of here sends noteworthy quips and greetings. My unique Timothy passes on unique offerings.

Last week I got to converse back and forth with an editor about some of my work and the possibilities of rewrites and strengthenings. Positive and constructive feedback, yum.

Yesterday I recalled I had signed up for emailed announcements whenever a new issue appears of Etude, an online magazine dedicated to literary nonfiction. The publisher, Lauren Kessler, teaches at the U of O. She has a few things to say in an essay about the fake memoir we in this town are sorry to be associated with. Her piece reminds me there are many people in this land of the undying hippie who consider honesty paramount to any life story. Yes. Let's bear the truth well.

Now, as my title suggests, I'm off to answer an email from my brother. I hope he's not blushing too much to read that I love seeing his name in my Inbox!