Nearly guacamole

Here's some more about food. Sort of. Working on my latest essay, I'm reading back through my old journals. From September 7, 1996, I find this:
Cutting a just-ripe avacado in two (around the pit, of course) Victoria said, "That avacado's in its prime - not too green, and not yet guacamole." That's just how I feel at this stage of my life.
Cute. Real cute. Now it's nearly twelve years later. We all know which side of ripeness I've been smushing toward. Sigh.


Marianne Elixir said…
I love guacamole. Sometimes it turns brown...but I find it still tastes mighty fine.
jodi said…
sometimes, random musings are best. There's an artist called Brian Andreas (his website is called storypeople) who does it really well. Your guacamole story reminded me of him.

And I loved your post on editing. :)
teal! said…
well, perhaps. but man, guacamole is delicious!
Deanna said…
Teal and Marianne, thanks. I feel better, hearing from two such ripening-well women.

Jodi, I looked at that website, and it's cool. They had some neat ideas. Thanks; hope you're resting soon.
Mike S said…
Glad you're feeling better. I fear I'm closer to the compost ingredient of the ripening process. Of course I said that 12 years ago also, at 50:)

Love the photos a few posts back. What a beautiful place!!:)
Deanna said…
Compost is wonderful, too, Mike. Helps the next generation grow well. I'll try to remember that during the next decade and beyond. :o)