Guest blogging

A post I wrote for Relief's blog is up here.

It's about me getting rejected and learning some behind-the-scenes publishing stuff and, more recently, reading for Relief.


Marianne Elixir said…
Yea! Thanks for sharing.
jodi said…
A beautiful, eloquent article, Deanna. :)
fresca said…
Wow, that was a really kind piece!

I've waded through unsolicited manuscripts for publishers, and I'd have a hard time writing anything so encouraging, being more tempted to quote Flannery O'Connor's opinion that writing programs don't stifle enough writers.

But in fact, I think it's important NOT to say that--we all start out somewhere and need help getting somewhere else, so good on ya!
Deanna said…
Thanks, each of you, for reading it.

Fresca, I do admit to coming into the reading process late in Relief's last submission period, when, I hear, the better manuscripts show up. This next period may give me a lot more experience with writers who maybe ought to be stifled. But I, anyway, don't have to be the one rejecting their work!
Sarah said…
Your post and thoughts were very helpful and enjoyable, thank you!