Crazy, warm Russians

At last, over the weekend, I finished with those dear Karamozovs. A heart-y story, if you know what I mean.

I found it interesting, as I did when reading Crime and Punishment, that despite flittings hither and yon and conversations that blocked the margins of page after page, Dostoevsky's prose energized and carried me through (well, after I'd begun the book over, having started it two years ago and stalled in the first section).

Must be a Russian thing.

Anna Karenina gave me Levin, a character I've long been grateful to've known. Now the Brothers has lent me Alyosha and Mitya, and I won't soon forget them. Ivan, either, though I can only hope he changed his mind about the permissibility of everything.


Angela said…
totally must be a russian thing. i read it last summer and loved it, but i couldn't help thinking it was in need of a bit of an edit (some of it was so stinkin' rambly), arrogant non russian that i am.
Deanna said…
I did have to make myself push on through some rambly spots - summertime's when I can do that best. :o) Have you, Angela, ever edited (or critiqued) foreign writing?
Angela said…
ha! only if you count american as being foreign, which i suppose, technically speaking, it is for me.
Deanna said…
Oh, yeah! I'm the foreigner, duh. I zpeek zee Orygun.