Leaving what's happened

Tons of fun. A few frustrations. That's been my experience with this blog.

But in keeping with a summer of changes - rearranged office, children graduated, new hairstyle - I've decided it's time to move on. Or at least to move.

I've been working on a future website. My authorish place to hang out, when I have more publication credits to display and, well, maybe wisdom to impart. My full site isn't yet a reality, but an intermediary place to hang is. I'll direct you now to a blog with a template that should fit the coming website. For me it's a whisper of fresh air, a release from bloggy gadgets. Those do-hickeys are fun, but I've fooled with most of them all I wish to. Now on to simplicity, while not forgetting, of course, that I'd like you to know about my writing and life journey. I also wish to keep sharing in yours.

You can check out my new blog in this spot. From now on I plan only to blog there, and to leave this site intact, seeing as I've grown fond of her. She's taught me much, through many bleary-eyed visitations. The past will remain here for nostalgia's glimmering sake.


fresca said…
The new [interim] site looks great! I love the new title and the new background banner...very elegant. What a nice place to sit under a tree and talk to friends.
deanna said…
Yeah, Fresca, I like sitting under trees...
deanna said…
Have you looked at the new place? Check it out here: http://deannahershiser.blogspot.com
Hi Deanna,

How have you been lately?

I am contacting all the sites on our blogroll. If you link to us, please update our URL to www.comfort-cafe.net/blog (the old was sold out from under us). Also, if you'd like to add an image button, let me know and I'll send you the code.

Take care of yourself!

"The Lord is close to a broken heart..." Ps. 34:18