new, old, simple

I dozed a little during writing time this morning.

Life has been wood on the fire (sore neck),
dishes in the dishwasher (bend, straighten, groan),
husband on the sofa (getting his own soup from a can; I don't cook much).

There was Christmas.
Son almost well, husband with a fever, daughter almost sick.
There was New Year's. A party.
We left at 10:00.
Shiverish, tired, yet happy still.

There is laundry to catch up on,
back to work -- make a lunch beforehand,
remember what got left for 2011.

I jotted ideas during the holidays. Then I started something new, almost random, and I like it. Enough to return after adding to the fire, after dozing, and before leaving for work.


deb said…
sorry about the not well.

I'm assuming you leave for work at around noon? ;)
Deanna said…
Thanks, Deb. My hours have changed, so I now start at 11:00, which leaves time for more writing and stuff beforehand. So far so good...except for the dozing off...