taste great together

I have blogged about my editor friend Lisa Ohlen Harris, and I have blogged about Gutenberg College. Now the two are coming together. Tuesday night, March 1, Lisa will speak at Gutenberg at 7:00 p.m. and read from her book, Through the Veil. Which, by the way, was nominated last month for an Oregon Book Award. Not that I was surprised; hadn't I already read and promoted it as wonderful? Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, I just know.

I also know this talk is free and open to everyone. Gutenberg's address: 1883 University St., Eugene, Oregon. That's on the corner of 19th and University, up the hill from the classic McArthur Court, which has been abandoned for a larger, spiffier arena with pine trees painted on the basketball court. Which Tim and I saw last Friday night when we attended the Harlem Globetrotters game. I sported a wet sock from a puddle that accosted me while crossing the U of O campus, which has no bearing whatsoever on Lisa's book reading and talk next Tuesday, except to say I plan to show up at this event with both feet dry.