high there

A year ago I felt as though I gave up my husband for Lent. I was at least a little hurt. I think already I could see where this was heading. I didn't want Tim to want what I perceived as unnecessary adornments to faith in the Orthodox ritualistic style.

This year, though, I'm seeing different. Doing different.

Learning, as I dip into Orthodox practices during the season they call Great Lent, that the idea here is to keep the process simple, my usual distractions at arm's length.

And so there is a fast from certain foods. Meat and dairy, oil and wine. Yummies we tend to use to adorn the basic grains, veggies, and fruits.

The Orthodox focus more, perhaps, on doing different than on giving up.

Which can be just as risky.

A priest with eyes that twinkle said to me the other day, "This can be a fun ride." I'm finding in my heart some agreement.

Another little ride I'm taking involves linking to a group called The High Calling. I found them thanks to Deb Colarossi. Her lovely blog Talk at the Table as often melts the heart as intrigues the mind. Even its URL, "forsaken for lent," carries artistry and a challenge to me to continue thinking. High calling. High church. Hm.

Then again, I feel a lot lately like a child crouched behind the lowliest shrub along a dusty path. Not really hiding. Sort of waiting. For the procession. For someone walking past, teaching a ragtag assortment of folks trying to grasp his message.

His eyes, I'm guessing, can look so sad. I'll bet they also gleam like universes.


Marianne said…
This journey is so intriguing to me! Thank you for sharing pieces of it here. I wish I had the energy to do two services on Sunday and come see a glimmer of what Orthodox (and real Lent) are like. For me, I am off Facebook for lent. I would have thought it was a sacrifice, but it's blessing me already. Perhaps I should try chocolate? (meat and dairy are not an option at this point in our young family - or perhaps I just need more convincing)
Deanna said…
I appreciate you, Marianne, and your beautiful young family. Doing things other than the distracting FB sounds good. One Orthodox thing I've learned about their fasting is that a person isn't supposed to fast from foods if it isn't healthy for them (or their kids, etc.), because that, too, would be a negative distraction. I think that's rather cool.
deb said…
You know I love you right?

you can't begin to imagine how much I'm crouching with you.
Deanna said…
Hi, Deb. The waiting is scary but nice. :o)
David Rupert said…
Glad you are part of the High Calling Network. A nice blog you have here!