reading Bible not a relief

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Over at Relief Journal today, I wrote a response to a post by Travis Griffith, a fellow blogger who started reading the Bible, from the beginning, for the absolute first time.

You can find what I said here.

I won't link you to Travis' post, because he was so upset, I guess, that he found and included a rather (at least I would call it) pornographic cartoon illustrating Lot's daughters' deception that got them both pregnant by their father.

If you know the Old Testament, you know that story won't be the last one of dirty deeds and very human failings Travis reads. (And if you're like me you don't need to see them depicted this way.)

But they're real. Because these are real stories. And humanity's record is not so lovely.

Investigating the Bible isn't for the faint-hearted, same as with all great literature. The writings are ancient, so it takes some work to try and figure them out. I hope Travis will give it plenty of time and effort.

But he doesn't have to. I, who am committed to a belief that I was created by a good ultimate being, must continually seek out what's really happening in the history of faith, as humbly and honestly as possible. I want to. I don't think I'll ever not want to continually stir and sort and ponder what might be going on in the richness of centuries past and in the purposes of my maker.


Geoff M. Pope said…
Cogent and confirming entry here and response over there at Relief. I especially like “There’s more work involved in getting at original intent than I might put into reading a text message…. But it’s a worthwhile task.” I also dig your gizmo-lingo paragraph.

On a related note, my book, The Word in Question: Verse Reflections on Peculiar Scriptures from the Bible, might be of interest to you and other like-minded Bible ponderers.

Also, thx for recommending Dr. Crabtree’s audio series on Genesis; I started listening to it tonight...Memorial Day Eve.
Deanna said…
Thank you, Geoff. Your book looks like a good one. Art is such a gift for us little souls.