an unintended vehicle

Saturday morning I drove over Willamette Pass in my birthday present.
So, it was a rental. I used birthday money to rent it. The Enterprise car guy didn't have my one-up-from-compact size in stock and gave me a free upgrade.

At 8:00 we headed south. My music played, and Kimi in the back seat said she liked it. That's something an old gal loves to hear, even while navigating a road nearly dis-graded by winter's length and breadth. Not to be run down by pickups of insatiable power-lust, that was my prime directive. Steer in the clear around those curves, past the barriers. Catch glimpses of shining water, in Odell Lake, on faces of rock rising. Sense the solemness of trees.

Snow Zone signs abounded. Larger ones appeared regarding fines for unintended vehicles. At least, my eye first caught those words, and I grinned. Of course the signs actually warned against leaving unattended vehicles.

I drove an Escape I hadn't intended. The car and the trip matched my recent notions of life as an unexpected avenue. No safety guaranteed. But surprises. Those always approaching, just the other side of a bumpity curve.


deb said…
what a unique way to share this!
Deanna said…
Crazy-firing synapses, I think, Deb.
Oh my goodness. The owls!
Gary Presley said…
You have baby owls, and I have moles ...

We like Fords. We have three of them.
Deanna said…
I guess I must clarify that the birdlings are either hawks or falcons, which I know, because the parent birds whooshed around us in great agitation. They definitely look like owls, though.

Gary, we have two (classic) Fords in the garage, and somehow now we have two Dodges in the driveway. But I think Ford is still the favorite of those who care about such things as engines and design.