God is

I could say a lot. Obviously, I do, most times. Today, however, on this Pascha, as the Orthodox Christians celebrate it -- Easter, the Resurrection -- I'll just say I'm continuing in amazement.

God is. That's enough to post about. The first choice given in our day and age, is whether or not God is. What an amazing belief. If true, it matters... if God's is-ness affects me or did affect me or will affect me.

What did it mean, that God breathed life into Adam and spoke to all through prophets of old?

What does it mean, that God overshadowed a virgin woman and became man (adam) and lived among us and was put to death in the humility of silence and "awoke" in the flesh and ascended into heaven and promised to return?

What will it mean, to die and to face into an ultimate choice toward God or away from God? The very same reality might look two completely different ways, depending on the choice...if from the perspective of one choice God is light and from the perspective of the other choice God is annihilation. In this sense, sin is simply utter darkness, not-God-ness. Rather than creating sin or the ultimate results of sin, God is. God remains. Finally, I will be allowed to choose God or to choose not-God.

God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.

May grace and illumination find us today.