follow the sun

Sunflowers lately are capturing my attention. James planted them, of course. The best Tim and I ever did, gardening-wise, was help bush beans grow and release garter snakes for slug control.

Last weekend I hiked in the sunshine with relatives, viewing mountains and a lizard.

Our forested Spencer Butte is a great spot, right in Eugene's back yard.

I hadn't thought before about what can happen if someone hikes the mile trail to the top and then has a problem. Of course, paramedics come to the rescue. Four or five passed us Saturday on our way up. They moved at a clip. Good exercise, I'm sure.

The men returned not much later, walking downhill with a family group. No one looked injured, thank heaven. I'm guessing someone got overheated; it was 90 degrees or so out.

Tim's 78-year-old Uncle Larry was with our party. He wanted to go clear to the top, and that surprised and slightly worried me. After the paramedics went by us the second time, Larry pretended a lament: "Now my help won't be waiting for me up there." He continued on, quite capably, and reached his goal.

Next post, if I get to it by the proper date, the subject here will be my journey of 35 years married to Uncle Larry's nephew.