joy and flowers

Last year, at James's suggestion I planted white clover to cover a circle where grass had died, due to a wood chip pile's acquisition. Above is what the patch looks like this year. Yes, there were joiners: California poppies, lupin, and others. I have come to look upon this as my flower patch. (That would be my first ever patch of garden flowers.)

Around the day I took the photo, I received an email from Ruminate Magazine, saying they'd like to publish on their blog the essay I'd submitted to them. The piece will come out sometime in the next few weeks. I'll be sure and mention and link to it when it does.

In the meantime, I needed an updated headshot for my bio on their blog. My next-door neighbor Penny, who photographs weddings and such, offered to do a "shoot." And she wouldn't let me pay her, except for a hug.

Penny liked my flower patch, so here we are together! (This isn't the headshot, of course; it was just for fun. That's usually what I run around wearing this time of year.)

How nice to know kind, talented people while getting to share creative things.


Fresca said…
Congratulations on getting an essay accepted by Ruminate!!!
That's so cool. I look forward to reading it---do let us know the minute it's up!

What a pretty picture of you and your flower garden. You look great among the poppies---like Dorothy!
deanna said…
Thanks, Fresca, and ha, yes! Always ready to fall asleep! ;)
Dee said…
Dear Deanna, I'm so happy for you that Ruminate is publishing your article. Your postings so often do ruminate, ponder, explore, as your words follow the labyrinth of your inquisitive and generous mind. Please do let us know the URL that will link us to the article when it appears. Congratulations. Peace.
deanna said…
Hello, Dee, and thank you. Ever since I learned of Ruminate, I've thought it would be fun to write something ruminative for them. I hope you're doing well, and that we'll see more posts from you soon.