Fave Pianist: MAH

He's "by far one of the most recognized, loved and sought after musicians from the Pacific Northwest." I recommend Michael Allen Harrison's music to any parent of small children who is at home and needs the occasional mind-escape.
His purist style first visited my house around 1992 when my husband, Tim, picked up a New Age category CD titled Emotional Connection. Each piece from that album has to be seared into my daughter and son's memories, I played it so often.

Then one summer evening Tim called from Roseburg. "Get a babysitter and meet me here at the Masonic Temple," he said. "We're going to a concert."

The stage in the old, downtown building was set for an intimate audience encounter. After I arrived, found my husband and we chose seats near the front, a slim man with longish hair strolled up the aisle, pausing to nod and tell Tim hello. I guessed he was another media guy, an engineer or possibly a sound man from the show Tim had met earlier, so I smiled politely.

Then the man continued forward and took his seat at the grand piano. Because my dear hubby savored watching the comprehending look appear on my face as Mr. Harrison began to play, he hadn't yet mentioned that he'd met the pianist at a local music store that afternoon.

I punched Tim. That would have been my chance to tell Michael A. H. how much his melodies had meant to me for years. But I also experienced a wonderful evening, taking in not only the piano but the vocals of Portland artist Bill Lamb, who'd collaborated with Harrison on Coming of Age.

It was a great night. And I did get autographs afterward.


Andrew said…
Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? ESPECIALLY when there was no plan, when it was by gosh and by golly instead. Sounds like a tremendously satisfying experience.

To Love, Honor and Dismay
Deanna said…
Yes, it was fun. Thanks for commenting. Your site looks like a place of interest.