Of Fish and . . .

I've been reconsidering the name LittleFish, which until now I've used for my profile and signature. It helped me get started on Blogger, as I felt pretty shaky to begin and was quite aware of being a you-know-what in a big pond.

Apparently, many others launched with the same idea. Googling today, I discovered tens, maybe hundreds of thousands more (well, of course, duh!, it is a large body of wetness after all).

There's at least one Little Fish blog title. Plenty more artist-type folks recognize their smallishness in their endeavors but are leaping out there, sporting a logo or screen name or movie title, to dazzle the world on a littler, fishier scale.

Anyway, while it's nice to see I thought of a moniker others agree is worthwhile, I've decided it's time to stop swimming with those fishies. My mom chose, having enjoyed movies featuring Deanna Durbin, the name I'll hook back onto. Whether or not I make a splash from here, it'll be just ducky.