The School of Writing and Hard Knocks

Whatever a man has in him to do really well he usually keeps on doing with an indestructible persistency.
-- Edith Wharton, The Writing of Fiction

For those of you who know me and were wondering, the short story I submitted was rejected, finally.

I remember this emotion, having experienced it myriad times and ways before, but I think it might feel worse now that I’m older. Still, I’m grateful this morning for running across the above-mentioned quote.

Believing it applies to women, as well, I shall continue. Not that I can help it. Until Tim and I are depleted of income and I’m forced to work swing shifts at 7-11, I will use any time God allots me creatively for writing. It’s what I do, and I’ll keep trying to do it better.

Besides, I also remember how fantastic it feels to receive an acceptance.