To Vaguest

It feels appropriate that my husband and I leave tomorrow for Sin City. I remember the episode of “That Girl” I watched (a few, ahem, years ago) titled “She Didn’t Have the Vegas Notion.” At the time I’d no idea what that meant. Today, while I’m not planning to flounce about in sinful activities, I’ve at least a notion my meandering thoughts are vague. Uninspired. Pretty darn self-centered lately.

Getting away, together with my dear Timothy, will provide warmth (Western Oregon’s sunshine has been less than inspired, in my view--it needs to heat me enough when I’m outside that the chill of house-shade feels good), plus glitzy excitement and rides. And, yes, I consider traveling on planes a fun time (including whatever gyrations the new security rules put us through). I do hope we meet up with a real good roller coaster in LV. Maybe one where we can fly.

Here’s wishing you a happy end of August. May your vaguest notions take wing, coalescing into ideas both clear and golden.