Brain Overflow

You know a week’s been long when you remember only bits of what you said to whom, because you’ve talked to that many people, and it was all good, and you’ve awakened more than once in wee hours, your mind processing rich details, information, new ideas.

Since last Monday I have attended a debate at Oregon State University titled, “Is It Rational to Believe in the Existence of God?”, helped teach my son and his friend an American Literature lesson on writings of Jonathan Edwards, taken in a weekly in-depth Bible study on 1 John, relaxed and talked (and talked) once again out at Sweet Cheeks winery, and attended “Oktoberfuss”, an annual weekend event sponsored by Gutenberg College, with the theme this year, “Is Christianity Relevant?”.

I can’t decide yet whether my mind has expanded or imploded to a degree. I wouldn’t have missed any of the gems I’ve taken in, and I’ll try to take time to process those parts in the newness category, bearing friction and tension and wonderment.

Tonight I sit at the computer my son and I share that, as of today, resides in Victoria’s room, which isn’t so much Victoria’s room anymore, though many of her books and collections remain on shelves surrounding me. Wow, I forgot she owns books like K-Pax and The Princess Bride, and now I’ve confirmed our orange cat’s name is spelled Westley, since he was dubbed so in honor of the latter story’s hero. Our Westley’s a bit dear and sweet and a bunch dread pirate, but he has accepted the futility of trying to nab squirrels. Well, mainly.