Next, the Whinery

Since last post mentioned a winery… Oh, well, sorry.

I just have to expound upon how difficult writing is. Waaa. I got straight A’s in school, and they came easily. But to even dream about writing well I have to work. Hard. This is one subject of life’s curriculum in which I want badly to excel, and I must claw my way through it, poorly.

God, you listening? I’m struggling here.


That’s it? You’re smiling, giving me a sidelong glance, as if this isn’t a big deal.

Think about it. How did you react to schoolwork?

Hmm. I guess I often wanted more information, deeper stuff, rather than a lot of memorization (which I could handle) and regurgitation onto test forms. I longed for a challenge.

Uh, huh.

But, now I’m old. I’ve raised children. Don’t I deserve a break, a little instant recognition? Yes, I often say I’m content with receiving this gift; it’s not important whether I become a bonafide, credentialed writer. But I wanta, oh, it would be so nice to…

Oh god, listen to me.

Don’t worry. I am.