Ideas; a possible theme

Pursuit of the gospel of righteousness and truth is a separate thing from my cultural theology.

Belief breaks into my world.

I am caught off-guard by mercy. Captivated, blindsided.

Martha and Mary had their schedule interrupted when Jesus came to dinner, and again later when their brother got sick and Jesus didn’t come.

Belief is not decided by me ahead of time; it’s not pigeonholed, categorized, or indoctrinated.

It messes up my plans.

It pursues me.

Like love.

I chased it until it caught me.

It lengthens like a growing flame.

It dances atop my candle in darkest midnight.


Cherie said…
I know what you mean.

I particularly like the line, "I chased it until it caught me."

Great post, Deanna!
Deanna said…
Thanks, Cherie. I can almost smell your baked bread from here!