Bean stalk

My son just rode away with friends for the weekend.

Other friends will arrive soon for spaghetti, and Tim ought to finish in a while fixing whatever equipment piece bungled itself just before his quitting time.
A summery breeze wafts through the house. My music’s on, and no one’s waiting to check or burn CD’s.

I could get used to this.

Oh, yes, the reason for my post: I’m chronicling the emergence of green beans upstairs, where Tim always starts them pre-garden, to save them from the slugs.



I’ll post more this weekend for nobody, since most of you will live life, I hope, in the fresh air. Me, I’m going to Carl’s Jr. and a movie tomorrow with my most romantic man. See you!


Cecily said…
Love it! The things digital cameras lead us to do. :)

BTW I'm very interested to follow the progress of your peas. ;)
Deanna said…
So glad I was actually posting for Somebody! Thanks for your comments, Cecily.
Cherie said…
Ooo, me too me too. You are posting for me too me too.

Joe's at work, Tom's running errands, Ben is here for the weekend (he moved to Portland a few weeks ago) and he, C, & C are playing with our new Wii. Such fun. So, while they are hogging the living room (carpet FINALLY dried!) I am taking a break on my trusty little friend.

My tomato plants need to be planted. I shall do it today. I see your green bean sprouts and visualize you plucking a ripe one from the vine, biting into its crispness, and remembering this blog post - while savoring the green perfection, of course!

Your relaxing weekend sounds perfect!
Deanna said…
Hi, Cherie. What fun: Wii; tomatoes; computer; family! Glad you're out there, too.