More bean stalking




elixir said…
Wow! I didn't realize so much happened so fast. We talked about beans yesterday at the garden store. We bought tomatoes, basil, cilantro, cives and rosemary. I am hoping they will grow well on our porch railing.
Cherie said…
Okay okay.....did Tim trade a cow for some magic beans?
Patti said…
The beans look great! I'm hoping to do a little gardening this summer. This is our last official week of school. We do have some odds and ends to tie up. So what movie did you see after your visit to Carl's Junior? We just saw Amazing Grace for the first time yesterday afternoon at the "dollar theater" (it's now $2.50, so I really shouldn't call it that.)
Deanna said…
Warm room over garage + sunlit workbench + adequate misting by hubby's water squirter = happy beans!

Marianne, I'll be interested to know how your porch garden grows.

Cherie, yeah, ol' Bessie's gone. ;o)

Patti, I think it's our last week of school, too. My son's taking the SAT this Saturday - prayers for him are appreciated!

We saw Bridge to Terabithia at our $1.50 theater. (Tissues recommended, but I liked it.) I missed Amazing Grace but hope to catch it on video.
Cecily said…
WOW... that's huge growth!!!! I'm going to have to try beans next summer. They're not broad beans are they??? I have an aversion to broad beans because my grandfather used to give mum these enormous, hard, revolting broad beans and mum made me eat them and.... yuck, yuck, yuck. Bad memories! (Maybe I'd like them now though!)
Deanna said…
If broad beans are akin to lima beans, Cecily, I'm with you. :op