Futzing at last

In what was my daughter’s bedroom and is now my exercise/officey space I’ve spent months writing fast, without inhibition, letting imagination whisk me throughout the universe.

This is good, according to Jack Hart from The Oregonian, who wrote A Writer's Coach: An Editor's Guide to Words That Work. He spoke one evening in February to a group of eager listeners at Border’s. I claimed a cushion in that crowd, scribbling notes, digesting notions both tried and new.

“Fast writers generally do well in writer-land,” explained Mr. Hart. “If you’re anything like me, though, you’ll tend toward being a futzer.”

I relaxed then. He was describing my wont to edit, often far too early in the process. At least I wasn’t alone. I determined after that evening to take Jack’s advice and let my hair down in the early stages of my new writing project.

But the past week or so I’ve straightened my spine and hunkered into the pleasure of all-out futzing. I had a deadline. Not a contract. No agents or editors clamoring for my prose, yet. An opportunity.

Every hour I colored in my head shades of meaning and shapes of storying. Pre-dawn awakenings found me retooling: ah, I could say it that way.

Adrenaline flowed. Housework waned. I sent off my work the day I wanted to. Not yet perfect. But thoroughly futzed.


Sandy's Notes said…
I love how you fill us in while you're writing.
sufferingsummer said…
sounds rejuvenating...and can't the housework always wait? I hope so!
elixir said…
I love this insight into the writing process. I pretty much have to be in writer-land. I find it happens best if I'm away from anyplace where editing can happen. So my best stuff is scribbled on the back of receipts in my purse in waiting rooms, or in quick pen and ink in my journal at a coffee shop or in my car. At home I futz.
Your writing projects have motivated me to start another blog...but it'll have to be written at home...in futz land.
Patti said…
I wish I felt that way about writing. Neat on the new office space. I've had to do a lot of shifting in the last couple of years, and nothing's settled yet. When I finally can get things settled though maybe I will have figured out what would make the ideal use of the space. We do have a "library" now although there are still a lot of books in other places than the "library."
Cherie said…
You are funny, Deanna.

For me, not really a writer, just a babbler, the idea/words live in my head - they stay there for a long time, tumbling, finding mates with one another, marrying, fighting, morphing - until one day they present themselves through my fingertips, surprising even me.

Futzing doesn't work for me. The more I futz, the more I futz it up. Like I said, not a writer.

But I DO love reading words well arranged, like yours. Good luck on this latest venture!
Deanna said…
Sandy, thanks for bearing with me.

Summer, yes, cleaning waits. It's always there when I get around to it.

Elixir, good points. I try to write on paper and "away" but can still make a scratched up mess of the notepad. Still, it's good to try for the free-flowing when possible.

Patti, a library sounds great. I hope to have things settled someday, too!

Cherie, I'd often like to "babble" as well as you. :o)
Anonymous said…
So eloquent... a glimpse into the life of a writer. I cannot wait to hear where this opportunity takes you.. :)