The winner - really, this time

I won't make her suffer any longer.

This is the season named for her, even though she prefers winter rain.

Yes, I drew Summer's name from my Wonder Years cap. She wins!!

So I hope, Summer, that you haven't bought the book yet. If you have, though, let me know, and I'll send you a different one.

It's quite a kick to get to return the gifting, although I couldn't begin to come up with such treasures as you sent me.


sufferingsummer said…
how funny....and no I haven't bought the book yet so I am greatly looking forward to it!
I love contests!!!
Sandy said…
congrats Summer!
sufferingsummer said…
Just got home and received my books!!!! I'm so excited to start reading, and writing more...thank you for all the encouragement and for the wonderful gifts!
elixir said…
Yea! This gives me something to borrow when she is done!
Deanna said…
I'm so glad this worked out well. Wish I could afford to do it all the time.