Classy education

Recovering from a fever one day last week this was my view.I got a lot read and have since finished the book.

This provided good study for my spiritual memoir-writing journey. Lauren Winner's got class. And a whole lot of brain cells.

She became an Orthodox Jew during college. In graduate school she converted to Christianity. Since then she's been pondering intersections of the two faiths.

I struggle a bit with Winner's age. When she reminisces about her childhood, I can't help noticing she mentions the years I was changing my own kids' diapers. I'll bet she thinks vinyl records are giant CDs.

Calm down, I tell myself. This is okay. Writers span the spectrum of ages. Remember Madeleine L'Engle, C.S. Lewis. They weren't exactly sprouts when publication found them. Besides, Ms. Winner has focused her time in the realm of academia. Wise beyond her years in letters, she'll have to catch up should family-rearing find her.

It's all relative, right? Relax. Eat chocolate. Read more Kierkegaard.


Cherie said…
You had a fever? So sorry to hear it. Glad you are coming out of it.

I've been sick all week - and the concrete men have been using heavy machinery just outside my bedroom window, tearing siding off the house (major fingernails on chalkboard!), scraping, crunching, hammering, requesting me to plug them in, unplug them, water the new foundation hourly, doing a perfect job, though. Looks great!

Oy - I don't even have time to be sick.........
Deanna said…
I actually feel better today than I have in more than a week, so, Cherie, I'm all sympathy for you. Especially with machinery outside the window...! I hope things quiet down for you soon.
Cherie said…
They'll be quiet until Wednesday - then Tim comes to start building the floor! Yippee!

A few days off sounds really good, though, I have to admit.

But, it's all good. So happy that you are feeling better. Thanks for the sympathy!
Sandy said…
You are too funny, glad you're feeling better.
Deanna said…
Cherie, I'll be happy for you when you're done with the project. It sure sounds like a good one.

Sandy, I hope things are well with you, too.