Blame it on the moon

I went to the coast yesterday with Tim. Wind-washed sky stretched to the horizon; rippling waves ran over bevelled sand throwing off light like jewels.

I forgot my camera.

This morning I accomplished grocery shopping, emailing, and other various functions early, so I could be in line with all promptness to sign up my son for a chemistry class. I put his name on the list for Algebra II, a class for which he already was registered last week. I even paid for it twice, in blissful uncomprehension.

The best, the only good explanation, I've decided, is the moon. Not just because I awoke at 1:30 a.m. to view its complete eclipse (lack of sleep doesn't account for yesterday's lapse). No, it has to be the satellite itself, sloshing my brain-juices with tidal force. It's given me the condition where quirky repetitions occur and the victim can't help them. I've got a lunar tick.

Thanks to my friend Carol Jo, I've also got a couple of pictures from the telescope she and her husband loaned us. Tim and my son took them through the viewfinder; the smaller shots are my attempts--at least my camera was around for the wee hour show!


Cherie said…
We, too, were up in those wee hours taking photos with our minds, stored in our memories, too groggy and goofy to think of getting out a telescope or camera. Good for you guys!

We were in our front yard, the kids in chairs, Tom and I standing in wet lawn (Tom forgot to turn the sprinkler off so we watered until two a.m. - durh...), watching, being silly, Cassie kept singing Cat Scratch Fever for she couldn't get it out of her head after hearing it on TV somewhere, and the dog kept circling the house chasing the cat. I was afraid the police would show up - Disturbing the Peace and all.

I was ready to blame it all on the moon, too!
Deanna said…
Sounds like quite a night for your family, Cherie - what fun, and the best sort of entertainment, all natural.
Cecily said…
You saw it too?? Wow! Here the eclipse happened at 7:57pm, so it was a great time to head outside and have a geek. I was working, but managed to duck out several times and see it's progression from just a little bit to a whole blood moon! Very cool. I think everyone else found my fascination with it somewhat bemusing. Was it a full eclipse for you? Here it was total.
Deanna said…
That's cool you saw the same eclipse! Yep, it was a full one here, too, but my camera wouldn't take pictures of the covered up, red moon.