Goofing off

Important items must accompany an afternoon's escape.

I used my camera a lot during an adventure today, but here's the shot I like best.

Ten days immersed in writing produced three chapters and an outline. Twenty-seven or so pages. A much clearer idea of what this critter is I'm working on.

So what to do on a free Saturday begging fun and frolickiness?

Begin with pancakes, of course.

Next, decide on a place to go, to walk your legs off and feel the sunshine and take a mess of pictures.

Somewhere I haven't been since I was a kid, and here in town...

The millrace.

I remember boats and geese and cool, flowing streams. It's not the most pristine place--over by the University and all. But this time of year few people are around. Sounds just ducky.

So bid dear, hardworking hubby farewell.

Take the path with lots of color.

Then cross the Willamette River on a high footbridge.

Enjoy all the interesting views.

Find words again another day.


Sandy said…
Beautiful, and welcome back.
elixir said…
Glad to have you back, and I am glad your time off was so productive.
Cherie said…
Wonderful it must be to have found the path you are to walk after bushwacking for so long! Three chapters and an outline!! Yay!

Must say, those views in your photos are not only lovely but quite a few are familiar....very familiar. We live in a gorgeous place, don't we?!

(That last one - anyone you know, or are they just more of the scenery you are enjoying?? ; )
Leiselb said…
Oh so lovely and what a fun surprise to find on your a picture book for grownups!
Patti said…
Congratulations on getting so much done! And I bet you could really enjoy your walk knowing that you'd gotten so much behind you.
Deanna said…
Sandy, thanks, it's very good to be back. Didn't know I'd miss reading other blogs so!

Elixir, it was a gift to run with that part of me (just a small part) that can be type A.

Cherie, yes, this felt good; I'm glad I jumped when the chance came. We do live amidst beauty--today I got to run over to the coast with Tim where not a cloud blemished the sky, and my camera sat calmly at home. Aagh. Oh, well. And, um,
just scenery. ;o)

Leisel, I'm glad you stopped to look. You and Honda and everyone have a good week.
Deanna said…
Patti, thanks. I definitely had energy to release, and it was fun. See you in October?
Patti said…
Is October when the junior tea is? I know that's when Oktoberfuss is, but I didn't think it was at the same time. Sam says he doesn't know when it is yet, so I haven't made any specific plans.
Deanna said…
Oh yeah, Patti, oops. I was thinking Oktoberfuss. Anyway, I hope to get to see you whenever you come. :o)
Angela said…
oh, look at all the writing you've got done! you lucky duck. i'm all envious.

it all looks so fun.
Denise said…
Hey, I'm happy to see you're back in the blog biz. Congratulations on your progress, and keep the entries coming.
Deanna said…
Angela, hearing from you means you're back from your trip, and I just got home from a weekend away, so now I'm off to see if you've posted newly. Thanks.

Denise, I may see you Thursday!