I want to:
  • produce a splendid book proposal
  • support my son during his final high school year
  • make regular dates with my daughter for hot drinks/chatting
  • watch Perry Mason more often with Tim (de de dah, dum dah)
  • spend more time with my parents and parents-in-law
  • give encouragement to writers who travel the creative road an experiential step or so behind me
  • be genuine
I don't want to:
  • pretend I've arrived at anything
  • ignore my loved ones while in pursuit of my goals
  • grasp at trying to maintain control of my children's lives
  • take Tim for granted
  • put off moments with my/our parents
  • feel obliged to follow well-meant advice when my instincts say "no!"
  • forget the truly important, not-of-this-world, life substance and sustenance for my soul


Cecily said…
I need to take time to think about things like this more. The whole world does... surely we'd all be more productive and peaceful!
Deanna said…
It's not easy of course, Cecily. That's why I wrote them down.