At least one serious post clamors in my head for publication, but all prose and no pics makes Deanna a tedious blogger. I'll share a few views from past weekends made enjoyable by friends, plants, and animals.

Mom shows off her begonias* in waning summer warmth.*Dahlias, begonias; they're some kinda flower.

Friends show up as evenings darken earlier.

Kinship during study time.

Blessings of companionable baking.

And, mm, ooh, the mouthwatering results.


Carol Jo said…
Westley is too cool and so are your mom's dahlia-like begonias! ;)
Cherie said…
Terrific way to spend some of life.

How'd it taste? Good as it looks, I'll bet!

I need a cat like that, to hold my place for me.
DeadMansHonda said…
Love love love these!
Deanna said…
Carol Jo, how I appreciate you!

Cherie, the pies fulfilled their purpose quite adequately. :o)

Deadmanshonda, I'm glad you do.