Lesson for today

Write till your eyes fall out.

Then stick them back in your head and go clean the kitchen for a while.

(Also, dream that overlooking the coastline, dramatic, in a Kierkegaard t-shirt will make you more literary.)


Teal said…
This is such an excellent author type picture - very dramatic (esp. how your hair is blown in the wind!)
it should totally be your author photo....
Deanna said…
Thanks, Teal. I was thinking the hair looks a bit Bride of Frankenstein-ish. But it's a great memory, at least, of a fun day out with Tim (who took the photo).
Ruth said…
Hi Deanna,

It's fun to look "re-discover" your blog! Now if only wearing a certain t-shirt could magically create inspiration in us!

Deanna said…
Ruth, thanks for looking in. You're someone who finds inspiration in good places. :o)