For now

It's finding texture,
writing in color.

It's attempting to learn Greek,
to be involved with women studying biblical philosophy,
and to read and discuss Practice in Christianity.

It's dates with Tim,
times with Victoria,
getting my son where he needs to go,
moments with Mom,
evenings with friends.

It's a lot right now,
a fullness I embrace.

It's chest wall pain some days (our doctor assured me long ago that what I get is normal, a stress thing).

It's looking forward to a big weekend and welcome company in two weeks,
while wondering how the house can be homey for them.

It's bleary eyes,
Tim working one and a half jobs,
kitchen sink overflowing cups and plates,
frozen pizza every other day.

It's Much Ado about Nothing for my son,
a thesis conception for Victoria that must gestate.

It's cold in the yard,
glowing in the woodstove,
pancakes on the griddle.

Priority? The page.
Writing in color.
Finding texture.
For now.


sufferingsummer said…
your life sounds so full, rich and full of color and texture it must make that priority an easier one.
Patti said…
Wow, how nice! Your company are fortunate. :-) Your post finally promted me to buy Practical Chrisianity. Perhaps I will have read enough that I can talk about it a little.
Patti said…
Or maybe I should have said "discuss it with you," rather than just me talking about it.
Deanna said…
Summer, I do have many colorful blessings. I hoped this didn't sound whiny, since everything going on right now is what I want. me, me, me...:oP

Patti, I can't wait till you come (although I'm not diving into housework as I should!). Talk to you more regarding details soon.
Cherie said…
The stuff of autumn! This post has plenty of texture and color, Deanna. Thanks for the glimpse into the corner of the world that is yours.
Deanna said…
Cherie, thanks, and I like your profile pic. I need to check out your corner now.
Pam said…
Different seasons, different colors, different textures.
Beautiful life!
Deanna said…
Yes, Pam. Thanks. Life's changing canvas. Always going on.
Cecily said…
Love the word snapshot of your life! Sounds as crazy busy as mine...
Deanna said…
Yep, Cecily. Crazy busy, in a different-season sort of way than you.