Goodbye, sun

If our weather forecast's correct, this may have been the last sunny day for a while. Today transitioning trees hugged a blue sky.
The fat spider out front enjoyed warm breezes.Westley made his rounds in comfort.
My son spent time in "Chuck's" back yard. (Chuck, by the way, has recovered from being roughed up.)

Even Tim rested. At least he stayed put while I ran for the camera to record a rare pause in his activity.
Me, I soaked it in, the dallying farewell. A final embrace of summer.


Cherie said…
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DeadMansHonda said…
lordy I feel nostalgic if I should even sniff the screen to take in your lingering moments of summer!Thank you for this nice pause in MY day....;)
Deanna said…
Cherie, good for you. Mmm, strawberries. Storms are neat, too, I agree, but I must resist the approach of darkness.

Ms. Honda Lady, I'm glad you enjoyed it.