Beside a wintering ocean

We got a room with a view.
And an electric fireplace. (Tim didn't have to feed it logs all night like he does at home.)
And the hotel shown a spotlight on the surf (entrancing in the wee hours).
And there was a hot tub down the hall.
And Showtime showed While You Were Sleeping (a romantic comedy I happen to like).
And in the morning, between storm systems, Tim and I picked our way along the rocky shoreline.
And our kids stayed home.
And those are all the details I'm telling.


Cherie said…
Familiar is that bench, and those rocks, that shoreline, why, I think I even fed crackers to one of the seagulls pictured! It's a beautiful, wildly peaceful place (well, except for the crashing ocean that keeps Tom awake when the tide is in..ha!). Glad you and Tim got some We Time, deleted details and all...wink wink.

Pretty pictures! Thanks for sharing, Deanna.
Patti said…
Looks beautiful! I'm glad you had such a great time and Tim didn't have to feed the fire. He probably didn't know what to do with himself, right? :-)
Deanna said…
Cherie, :o)

Patti, Tim did manage to slow down. It's quite difficult for him, but I kept reminding him ahead, "We're going there to rest," and pretty much he did.
Angela said…
heeheehheee! go get 'im, deanna.
Deanna said…
Angela, ;o)