I like these guys

They've got a clue something's important here. I enjoy spending time with them before Christmas.

Yes, the angel's wings have broken off. They've been glued back on a few times, but I decided this year we'll just let her keep her feet on stable wood. No need to hover precariously (that's how wings break in the first place). The message is the same. Something. Really. Important.

Watch and see.


Patti said…
wow, I have that set. Did you get them and paint them from Herschners (wanted to say "Hershisers")? I'm afraid mine are in a great state of disrepair. I'll have to take a picture when I get mine out and you can compare.:-) Leaving in the morning to go up to st. Louis to spend the day with the library's historical collection before picking up Sam on Wednesday.
Deanna said…
Neat, Patti, we share a taste in manger scenes. But no, we didn't paint ours, it came that way. Did your angel lose her wings? I'd love to see the picture of yours.

Have a great time in St. Louis, happy, I hope, browsing the faces of history!
Miss M said…
That's when the Christmas mood really sets in, when getting the manger out of the boxes from the attics, though, always a figure missing... =/
Deanna said…
Hello, Miss M, and thanks for visiting. Oh no, sorry to hear your manger figures like to hide!