Helpful for such a week

(Make doubly sure you buy triple ply, lotion-imbued Kleenex.)

And, of course, this:

Cast Away
is a Christmas movie. Christmas is in it. Really. This is probably just me, but I glean something new every time I watch Chuck Nolan (alias Tom Hanks) endure his trials and tribulations. Last night, I viewed again his transformation and recognized it went far deeper than a physical change. The test in this movie took a man -- confident, in control, at the top of his game -- and thrust him inside himself, inside pain, bereft of control.

Cliche-ish, I know, but true: certain experiences leave a life forever altered. Perspectives change because of them. Like castaway Chuck, the person is still the same guy or woman. But in some ways they are more themselves than they were.

More than you'll ever know...

Am I making sense? Ah, well, back to triple plies and hot orange juice.


Cherie said…
Castaway moves me the same way, Deanna. I come away with the soil of my heart newly plowed, stirred up with the idea that, yes there is more to life - more to me - than the day-to-day reveals.

Pretty tree! Does it smell good? Ours is the most aromatic we've had in years. Intoxicating!

Healthful thoughts heading your way! Get well soon.
Deanna said…
That's neat, Cherie, about our shared interest in and thoughts about the movie. Maybe we'll discuss our ponderings in greater depth sometime.

Our tree smells better than any we've had in years, too! Very few needles dropping as well. Yay! At least, I could whiff the tree's aroma before my head stuffed up. Thanks for your thoughts.
Sandy's Notes said…
I loved Castaway, Tom Hanks too. Your tree is so you Deanna!
Deanna said…
Thanks, Sandy. It's fun to share a fave flick. Hope you're having time to enjoy Christmasy things.
Patti said…
You know...I didn't like Castaway, but maybe I ought to watch it again with your thoughts in view.
Deanna said…
I'm sure you're not the only person to not like the movie, Patti. It hit me as good for several reasons, not the least is my penchant for over-analyzing in solitude. I'm glad I'm not on an island alone; I'd drive myself crazier than this guy did - of course, I wouldn't survive three days, but that's another point.

How did your historical researching go?