And the nose grows

It does. Keep growing, you know. It's not just that it feels that way when you have a cold.

I pondered this, the other day, when primping before going out the door. Even if I could stop the aging process, as ads proclaim, my schnoz continues to lengthen. No one will give me the time of day - as in, what a hottie - once they notice the nose. It's long. I'm old.

Yeah, women get those surgeries, I guess, for this reason. "Just trim the end off, Sonny, if you please. I got a date for Saturday that's gonna sizzle. Right after my hip replacement Friday." I think trying to be thought of as hot these days makes way too little sense. I'm me. Here on earth, we age.

Every nose knows.


Marianne Elixir said…
Hilarious! And so true. I thought it was just German noses - like mine. When ever people comment that the boys have my nose, I always retort "it grows with you your whole life."
I met my biological grandfather once when I was 14. I was SHOCKED to see MY nose, 3 times the size, on his face. Oh, the things to anticipate with age.
Sandy's Notes said…
This is news to me. I will be watching my nose now that I knows!
Patti said…
I did not observe that you had a particularly long nose. Have you considered the alternative: maybe the rest of your face is shrinking?
Deanna said…
I just read a doctor's explanation of what he says really happens: "[The nose] does appear that way. It does not grow; but, it drops, droops and elongates."

Whatever. You can read his blurb in favor of plastic surgery here:
Cecily said…
Maybe it was just your recent cold... all that nose blowing and wiping does make it swell a bit no?!

I've heard that ears also grow your whole life... and I believe it when I look at old men.