And by the way

I'm taking a day off from writing (earlier post aside).

Last night I read my first chapter to the writing group, made up of authors of note and great potential, that never has seemed to pull punches in critique.

They extended positive superlatives.

Dude, they liked it.



Angela said…
oh, deanna!
i'm so sorry i haven't sent you in my thoughts on your chapter yet. i feel like such a jerk. by way of explanation, but not excuse, it has been an incredibly busy 2 weeks and i've been feeling overwhelmed and ridiculously blue.
if it would still be helpful, i would love to take a look at it after next week monday?

i'm so glad your writer's group loved it. congrats! i'm eager to read it.
Deanna said…
Hey, don't worry, Angela. I shouldn't have asked right when you had so much to do. Any time will be fine, truly true.
Cecily said…
:) Great news! I'm feeling your excitement for you!