Because Uncle Miltie asked

Two men in hats - pants belted high, sweaters over buttoned shirts, hair tufts straying from nose and ear - occupied their usual bench.

Starlings twittered. A long-haired woman, blossom-faced, tended stroller and babe.

"Did you hear a word I've said?" one man asked the other.

"Not really."

"Oh, I get it," said the first man. "Hots for that young mother?" He ribbed his friend.

"No, no." The second man swallowed. "Her parents attended church in my last parish."

"Well, say hello, why don't you?"

A forehead swipe. A cleared throat. "I'd just lost my Liddy. The couple came to me for counseling - infertile."

"Ah, too bad. You help with an adoption?"

"No, no. Her mother and I - "

A coughing fit. Back-slaps from his friend.

The old men sighed.


Cecily said…
having a little giggle over this one! Maybe I will have a try... one day.

Hey. Do you remember when you tagged me for the book meme... I'm too lazy to go look but if you can't remember when, I'll go hunt. I feel ready to respond now. :)
Deanna said…
I got curious and looked. It was on Friday, Sept. 28. Where has the time gone? I'll be interested to see your book list if you do it.