When first thing it smells like snow

I tried to capture a glimpse at dawn.It covered the ground, and more was falling.

Around here, the white stuff snicks away soon.

But this morning, it kept whiffly-drifting down.


Cherie said…
Great minds think alike! I just posted photos of this gorgeous day, too. Wasn't it just amazing - how long it snowed, how hard, and it's still here!

I feels so Canadian, or mid-western, or Rocky Mountain, or so so so, well just like a lucky Oregonian I guess.

I know you guys are enjoying it much as we are.

Have fun!

(Pretty pictures!)
Deanna said…
And it's snowing yet again tonight!! Will I see more photos from you tomorrow, Cherie? I'm not picking up my little camera much lately. Will catch up with you soon, I hope.
Patti said…
Oh, I was hoping someone would post photos! We haven't had a good snow this season yet. Maybe Thursday.
Deanna said…
Patti, I'm sure you'll look at Cherie's good pics for more snowiness. Hope you do have the whiteness this week!
Patti said…
Thanks, Deanna. We had it but it was pretty pitiful.
Cecily said…
oh, oh, oh... beautiful snow

I was thinking there's no way I'd be up at dawn, then I remembered that you're in winter so I guess your dawn is quite a bit later than ours is at the moment!
I guess it's all melted by now though.
Pam said…
Hi Deanna!
I'm slowly making my way around to all my old faves as I get connected back to the real world... Blogworld IS the real world, right? Anyway, I love your snow pictures. As I told Cherie, you guys SO outdid us in the snow department for January. We had the sub-zero weather, but very little snow. Though yesterday we got about 4 new inches to freshen things up.
Deanna said…
So, Angela, Patti, and Pam, at least this year we in this corner of Oregon feel like we belong to winter.

Cecily, you're right, it's long melted. Hope you enjoy your sunshine, before the blasts of coldness come again.