Mostly quietly, with a bit of fanfare

Beginning next Monday, I get to teach a writing class. Smaller and of shorter duration than the one I'd planned for the community college, this one will happen in a building owned by Gutenberg.

A few friends plan to attend. Even people I don't know are sending me checks. I'd better get something worthwhile ready for them.

Most fun, Dorcas Smucker will be our guest author-speaker one of the class evenings. That night, anyone's invited to drop in (just let me know ahead of time, if you'd like to be there). Even my dad, who has enjoyed the lively Mrs. Smucker's books, plans to come!

These plans and other projects are keeping me away from blogging, but I aim to get back soon. Observations on life ought to be published when possible, after all.

What I did this last week, I also must share: I got up at 4:30 eight mornings in a row (Tim was out of it; sick with a feverish cold; so we had no weekend plans). I became feverish only in the sense of wanting to write and write. Rather obsessively I worked to finish. that. book manuscript.

And I did.


Cecily said…
What? It's finished? No wonder you haven't been blogging! You have much bigger fish to fry. Congratulations!

Deanna, I was getting worried about your long silence when really you've just been busy doing amazingly cool things! Yay.
Patti said…
That's exciting! I'm sure you'll do well.
Angela said…
you finished! you finished! holy smokes! that's so fantastic. yay! i hope you popped out a bottle of the bubbly stuff!
Angela said…
hey, i was just typing my last comment and i thought of something... you know, Oregon isn't all that far from alberta, and in alberta we have the banff centre. you should go.
no. really.
you should.
it doesn't get any better than having uninterrupted time to work on writing while being fed ridiculously good food in some of the worlds most beautiful scenery.
it's super expensive - but there's funding that covers almost all of it! come! come!
we had a girl from new york last time.
i'm applying to this program
but here's the main link.
c'mon down! (or up!)it would be so fantastic. my prof moved from england for this place!
Deanna said…
Thanks, Cecily, Patti, and Angela, for the well wishes. I got a free lunch and pie out of the deal. :o)

Angela, I can imagine few funner things than renting a car and scooting up there to attend one of those Banff programs! They look wonderful. One mentioned memoir writings. A lot of dough would need to fall in my lap, though, for it to happen. I'll watch for falling dough. And thanks for thinking of me.
Angela said…
no! you can apply for scholarships. they're available for almost all the programs, and almost everyone gets them.
you know. just sayin'.