In quotes two

Serrin M. Foster, The Feminist Case Against Abortion:
No compassionate person, pro-choice or pro-life, wants to see a teenage girl drop out of school and face a lifetime of poverty because she became pregnant. No compassionate person wants her to suffer the pain and anguish of abortion.


Cecily said…
So church, let's rise up and support those girls to either a) help them make better choices about their body pre pregnancy, or b) help them stay out of poverty by various purposeful means. Man, we've spent so much time condemning and so little loving and helping! (This is a muse to myself as much as you Deanna... just gets me thinking. The church has sorely failed our bedraggled, tangled world)
Deanna said…
Well said, Cecily. It's so easy to condemn. And so many have done so that now it seems if we speak against something like abortion we can only be heard as condemning, not as compassionate. But each of us is the church, in a sense, so we do what we can in small ways.