I forgot.

At first I meant to post who won the contest for Jane Kirkpatrick's books by Monday. But we were off to the coast to pretend an existence enjoyed by the likes of the bewhiskered critters above. Tim and I frolicked two sunny days. More pictures will follow.

If you've considered entering for a readerly prize, be sure and post a comment now, and since you're late like me you'll need to work a bit for the chance to win. Tell me in your comment whether or not you'd have traveled the Oregon Trail (imagining you'd lived in the 1800s) and why or why not.

Those who've already entered and waited, thanks for your patience. I'll select the winners' names by this Thursday. I promise.


Cecily said…
Oh Deanna! A few days away is far more important than an online competition! Take your time, relax, enjoy... :-)
Sarah said…
Deanna, In former years I could not believe that God made me live in this century, I really was meant for the 1800's or thereabouts. My halloween costume for years was a pioneer 'Explorer Man'. So yes, I would have traveled the Oregon Trail.
Deanna said…
Thanks, Cecily, we did. :o)

Sarah, I can relate to feeling out of place in the century of my birth. Do you have any pictures of your costume, and will you post them on your blog? Thanks for entering the contest.
Cherie said…
Okay, okay, I'll bite.

Echoing Mike, this genre is not one I read anymore, BUT my mom is a hopeless addict. She doesn't have any of these and Mother's Day is coming up.

That being said, except for a frozen turkey thirty years ago, I never win anything.

Not only would I have packed up a few belongings and crammed the kids into a Conestoga wagon for a trip 'out west' but Tom and I have followed most of the Oregon Trail, even walked on original ruts. It was as if history shot through our very feet and up our legs, leaving us very nostalgic.

Glad you got away to the coast and had sunshine, Deanna! I hope you didn't really do like the sea lions do - lazy, stinky things that they are. Ha!
Deanna said…
Aw, Cherie, thanks for entering for your mom. An announcement soon...!
Mike S said…
Being an Indian, not sure how close to the trail I'd get. Heard rumors there were tricky 'white folks' traveling along it. hehehe:):)
Deanna said…
Ooh, you're so right, Mike. Tricky white folks, probably most just living in their cultural mindset, trying to do the best for themselves and their families. So really clueless white folk in many ways, and that made them dangerous. That's my picture of them, from what I've read and heard. Have you ever written on the subject? I'd love to read what you think of the historical record.