Now, for you, a nifty contest

In the previous post I reviewed Jane Kirkpatrick’s latest book and series.

At no cost to me (except shipping if you live far away, but I’d be glad to), I get to send fabulous prizes to two of you, as thanks from Jane’s publisher for reading about her good writing. So, yes, you’re hearing right, I’m offering free books. Want one, or three? As I just said, I highly recommend the story. And I already received my own freebies for reviewing. Those publishing people can be swell.

Here follows the contest rule: comment on this post or the previous one (either of the posts from today). I’ll put your name with the others in a hat (or on a coffee table) and draw two winners. (Of course, if only two people comment, you’ll win something!)

First Prize will be the complete Change and Cherish Series: A Clearing in the Wild, A Tendering in the Storm, and A Mending at the Edge. Second Prize is the last book. I’ll draw the winners in a week. Hope you have fun.


Deanna said…
Hello Deanna! Always a fan of good books, I'll happily comment and enter your contest!
Deanna said…
Yay! You are hereby entered. Not to be confused with me entering my own contest, you of course are another woman of homeschooling ways with a very lovely name.
Mike S said…
Not my choice of reading material, but I am going to recommend 'A Clearing in the Wild' to a good friend as it sounds right up her alley:)
Cecily said…
Aw Deanna, I would have commented anyway! (Or maybe the competition is closed and I'm commenting for the love of you and your blog anyway!) :-D
Deanna said…
Mike, thanks for passing on the word about the book. Though I usually read different genres than this, Jane has a style all her own.

Cecily, you're entered! (I'm away from home on a quick vacation; shouldn't be checking the internet; but I did and now remembered I'm supposed to finish this; I'll get on to announcing the winners soon as I return home!)