This mommy blogging's fun...

...and about all I can manage right now.

For those who know my son in three dimensions, here's a new one:

His Mr. De Pinna came off so well, as did all the parts in the play. We laughed and laughed...what a fun couple of nights. Those kids (my, they're young adults!) did great.

Here's the set before they started:If you get a chance to see this on stage sometime, I recommend the zany story - it's got tons of heart.

My little writing biz moves forward lately. A worm's wiggle is still movement, right? The work's steady, anyway; monetary reimbursement, however, is the very slow to arrive thing. But I don't mind, as long as I'm getting nibbles. And right now I am.

There are always gifts through the long haul of perseverance. One I've enjoyed when I can get there is reading a blog by romance writer Jodi. Her site's called Will Work for Noodles, a title I couldn't resist in the first place. Then I found her posting about the writing process. So what if I'm not doing fiction and never plan to give romance a shot? Common ground exists between differing written expressions.

Stories, wow, people just keep doing them. Makes me wonder if we take those with us.


Robin said…
Love the photos from the plays!

And by the way, Oh, and by the way I tagged you on my blog, details here
Deanna said…
I'm still pondering regarding the meme, Robin. Thanks!
Deanna said…
They were great weren't they??!! I can't' wait for the encore. It's going to be so fun.