You can take Shakespeare with you

A photographer shot the dress rehearsal of my son's play. Everyone's so beautiful, I had to share.

Next show they're doing is You Can't Take It With You. Two performances, this Friday and Saturday, 7:00, on the Eugene Bible College stage. C'mon and watch. These actors know their struts, if I do say so.


Deanna said…
Deanna- I couldn't agree more! These kids have put in so much time and energy. They really are a blast to watch! Can't wait for this weekend's show.
jodi said…
Didn't the last shot capture all the emotions?? Gorgeous.

I love Shakespeare.
Cecily said…
Deanna, Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

The books arrived safe and well and when my life settles (next Thursday we head overseas!) I shall take the opportunity to learn a bit more about Oregon.

Hope you are travelling well!

(I'd come if I could, but you know how it is... ;-) !)
Sandy's Notes said…
This looks like a fun show! Thanks for sharing.
Deanna said…
Deanna, this has been amazing, to see my son involved with this group. Can't Take it with You was fantastic, both nights! Thank you for selling the yummy stuff at intermission. :o)

Jodi, yeah, I still get caught off guard by Shakespeare's way with words.

Cecily, I'm glad the books made it across the world. Have a trip rich with memories (and some relaxation, I hope!).

Sandy, I'll likely show glimpses of the latest show soon. Definitely what we moms are good at, huh?
Mike S said…
Wish I'd seen it. I love attending shows like that here whenever we can. Great costumes:)
Cecily said…
Deanna, just wanted to say I'm almost half way through the first book and I'm enjoying it. I confess that I'm a little dubious re: Christian fiction... too much of it is trite froth and bubble. But I'm quite enjoying these. And as I think I said - my Mum is going to love them!
Deanna said…
Hey, Mike, I'm glad you're blogging around again.

Cecily, I know just what you mean about Christian fiction, though I hear it's improving on several fronts. I only pretty much read Jane from the Christian section at the book store.